Margaret Muthoni Mina

Maintenance Planner

I am a highly experienced maintenance planning professional that has skills in various engineering trades but focused in light vehicle and auxiliary equipment maintenance. I value organization and
cooperation in a team as this ensures completion of tasks. I stay motivated by endeavoring to learn new skills that I can put into practice while at work. My ability to learn fast and quickly adapt to
changes gives the drive to explore new opportunities that present themselves. With my strong hands-on technical background and maintenance planning experience, i meet objective and expectations in my roles

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Most Recent Job

Maintenance Planner

Base Titanium Ltd

Kwale ,Kenya

Job Description/Purpose

Job Responsibilities

  • A preventive maintenance schedule is created and followed (Gantt Charts in Microsoft Project)
  • Work orders (job cards) are created and timely closed (Pronto Xi Thin Client system)
  • Creating, reviewing and uploading equipment inspection checklists to keep them up to date with any changes or modifications for both new and old equipment
  • Ensuring correct records of maintenance on vehicles are kept- scanning and saving job cards offline
  • Ensuring the registration of new vehicles and equipment into the Pronto Xi System to maintain an updated asset management system
  • Procuring new parts and equipment as per correct specification- involves communication with the suppliers
  • Condition Monitoring of Plant equipment using the Motornostix services
  • Conducting weekly planning meetings
  • Creating Maintenance reports (weekly, service and downtime reports)
  • Actively engaging the supervisors in the planning, organizing and delivery of work
  • Follow up on purchase Orders to ensure equipment material and parts are delivered on time
  • Safety compliance- Reporting on hazards observed, whether immediately corrected or are to be corrected
  • Carrying out duties/inspections at the plant for condition monitoring
  • Participating in company Health (especially cycling) activities and events

Key Achievement

Additional Job Experience

LV and Auxiliary Mechanic

Base Titanium Ltd

Kwale, Kenya

Job Description/Purpose

Job Responsibilities

  • Carrying out preventive and corrective maintenance (on all the systems i.e. powertrain(gearbox replacement), engine(repairs & replacement), suspension, axle rebuilds, braking systems) on vehicles and other mobile equipment such as welders, generators, compressors, drill rigs, lighting plants and new Holland tractors.
  • Troubleshooting faults reported by the user/s and creating appropriate job cards
  • Ensuring maintenance requests are carried out in a timely pace to reduce downtime (services, bi-monthly mining and monthly inspections)
  • Ensuring there is no hydrocarbon contamination during jobs
    Ensuring maximum fleet availability through planning vehicle inspection
  • OHS Compliance- Carrying out daily walkthroughs/inspections of work area to capture potential hazards
  • Ensuring isolation procedures are followed; pre-scheduled inspections and services check sheets are filled and closed on job completion
  • Making sure that proper housekeeping is maintained
    Proper disposal of waste is conducted

Key Achievement


Highest Level

Automotive Engineering

National Industrial Training Authority

Activities and Societies

Additional Education

Activities and Societies


Professional Qualification Training One

Basic engineering skills

Internal (Obtained at Base Titanium)

Professional Qualification Training Two

External (Obtained at another institution)

Internal Auditing (ISO 9001:2015 Certified)

  • Reading


  • English
  • Swahili

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