Ali Hussein Dziphengo

Shipping Officer

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Shipping Officer

Base Titanium Limited

Mombasa, Kenya

Job Description/Purpose

Working on logistics and documentation of Shipping activities at Base Titanium.

Job Responsibilities

  • Monthly shipments planning upon receipt of the sales contracts and align with production plan.
  • Getting clearance to export mineral sand from the relevant government authority i.e. Mines and geology.
  • Checking with the shipping lines to look for suitable vessels that can ship our product to the final destination that are in line with sales contract delivery schedule and proceed with bookings.
  • Advise clients on the shipments schedules.
  • Advise production which product to start in order to get ready to receive empty containers for loading.
  • Advise transporter and ensure collection of suitable containers from the container depot.
  • Get clearance from the KPA (Kenya Ports Authority) by remitting wharfage and shore handling charges before gate in loaded and sealed containers.
  • Handing over containers to port once delivery is complete before vessel acceptance cut-off date.
  • Furnish shipment details to the shipping line and advise that containers are handed over to KPA.
  • Checking and approving BL (Bill of Lading) to the shipping line upon vessel sailing and confirming containers are loaded on board the vessel.
  • Prepare other shipping documents as requested by the clients.
  • Dispatch original documents to the client and advise him as well.
  • Advise our finance and production and the sailed shipments
  • Declare to the mines and geology and KRA on every shipment done. c. Bulk Shipments:
  • Do booking with the agent upon getting appointment from the ship owner.
  • Advise clients when bulk vessel is expected to arrive, berth and departure.
  • Do inward clearance with KPA by remitting funds to cater for wharfage and stevedoring before vessel arrival.
  • Once final tonnage is ascertained i.e. after loading completion, we finalize with the shipping documents and advise client, production and finance.
  • Declare to the mines and geology and KRA once shipment is done. 2012 – 2015 Export and Import officer at Kenya Bixa Ltd. Core Tasks:
  • Handling documentation for exports and imports shipments both air freight and sea freight. Sea freights including LCL (Less than a Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load)
  • Declaration to the KRA for all shipments done.
  • Advise production and finance for all orders before shipments and after shipments

Key Achievement

Additional Job Experience

Job Description/Purpose

Job Responsibilities

Key Achievement


Highest Level

Advance Diploma in Shipping (ADS) - ICS London

Mombasa Maritime Institute

Activities and Societies

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Activities and Societies


Professional Qualification Training One

Fire fighting

Internal (Obtained at Base Titanium

Professional Qualification Training Two




  • Swahili.
  • English.

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