Hanan Swaleh Said

IT Systems Administrator

Experienced System Administrator with a decade-long tenure in Information Technology, showcasing expertise in comprehensive IT support and a deep understanding of IT infrastructure. Known for consistently exceeding expectations through proactive contributions. Proficient in resolving intricate technical issues spanning computer hardware, network infrastructure, operating systems, and software installations. Committed to delivering effective support solutions that enhance IT service performance and promptly address concerns. A detail-oriented team player with exceptional organizational abilities.

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Most Recent Job

IT Systems Administrator

Base Titanium Limited


Job Description/Purpose

Managing and maintaining the organization’s computer systems, networks, and servers which is crucial for ensuring the smooth operation of IT infrastructure, safeguarding data, and supporting the technology needs of the organization.

Job Responsibilities

  • Orchestrating the installation and configuration of software across a diverse network of 80+ servers, effectively resolving 70% of critical security and backup compatibility issues, enhancing overall system integrity.
  • ¬†Monitoring server performance, ensuring an impressive uptime of at least 99% through proactive maintenance and swift troubleshooting interventions.
  • Spearheading meticulous inventory control measures, meticulously managing the replenishment and upkeep of IT equipment, thereby streamlining operational efficiency and reducing downtime.
  • Providing comprehensive updates to team members on forthcoming software upgrades and system sprints, fostering a cohesive and informed working environment conducive to seamless implementation.
  • Conducting rigorous remote and onsite testing of software applications on server sets, ensuring optimal performance and readiness for operational deployment, thus bolstering organizational resilience.
  • Developing, administrating, and meticulously testing disaster recovery plans, ensuring the organization’s preparedness for unforeseen contingencies.
  • Leading the strategic development of server infrastructure, implementing robust quality assurance measures across staging and production systems to guarantee seamless functionality.
  • Engaging in proactive research to identify innovative technologies and strategies aimed at optimizing system performance, thereby driving continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Skillfully managing licensing and maintenance agreements with a diverse array of 20+ vendors, adeptly resolving IT-related issues and fostering productive vendor relationships.
  • Executing successful Windows upgrades on over 35 servers and led the seamless migration of user accounts and exchange mailboxes to a new domain, thereby enhancing system functionality and user experience while ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

Key Achievement

Conducted the upgrade of all servers to the latest Windows version (Windows Server 2022), by following a systematic and well-planned approach that required careful planning, coordination, and execution while enhancing overall system integrity and minimizing potential disruptions to business operations.

Additional Job Experience

IT Technician

Base Titanium


Job Description/Purpose

Providing technical support and assistance within the organization’s IT infrastructure. I ensure the smooth operation of computer systems, networks, and hardware, as well as to address and resolve technical issues that may arise without interruption.

Job Responsibilities

  • Provided comprehensive end-user support via phone, email, and remote assistance, resolving issues promptly and adhering to service level agreements, thus ensuring high satisfaction levels among users and minimizing disruptions to workflow productivity.
  • Managed a diverse range of devices and peripherals, including laptops, desktops, printers, smartphones, and more, ensuring uninterrupted functionality across the organization and facilitating seamless collaboration among teams.
  • Demonstrated expertise in troubleshooting software issues across various Microsoft Office Suites, Active Directory, and Windows operating systems, utilizing advanced problem-solving techniques to optimize workflow efficiency and mitigate downtime.
    Conducted meticulous installation, maintenance, and repair tasks for both internal computer hardware and software applications, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of IT assets, thus maximizing return on investment.
  • Effectively communicated technical information to non-technical users in clear and accessible terms, fostering better understanding and empowering users to leverage IT resources effectively to meet their operational needs.
  • Orchestrated system-wide software deployments and upgrades with meticulous planning and execution, minimizing disruptions and ensuring seamless operational transitions, thereby enhancing overall system stability and performance.
  • Maintained vigilant oversight of server room and wireless network infrastructure, proactively monitoring for potential issues and implementing preventive measures to ensure uninterrupted operations and data integrity.
  • Diagnosed and resolved hardware failures swiftly and efficiently, leveraging diagnostic tools and technical expertise to identify root causes and implement timely solutions, thus minimizing downtime and maximizing system reliability.
  • Evaluated system hardware and software comprehensively, providing insightful recommendations for modifications to enhance performance, reduce lag time, and optimize resource utilization, thereby driving continuous improvement in IT infrastructure.
  • Managed access and permissions meticulously to safeguard information security, ensuring that only authorized personnel had access to critical
    data and resources, thus mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches.

Key Achievement


Highest Level

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Kenyatta Univeristy

Activities and Societies

Additional Education

Activities and Societies


Professional Qualification Training One

Frontline Management Program

External (Obtained at another institution)

Professional Qualification Training Two

Microsoft 365 Administration and Identity Management

Internal (Obtained at Base Titanium)


  • English
  • Swahili

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