Muriuki Ronald Mung'athia

Weighbridge Operator

Experienced Weighbridge Operator with a decade of dedicated service at Base Titanium, demonstrating expertise in overseeing weighbridge operations efficiently. My career journey has been marked by versatility, having transitioned from roles as a process operator to weighbridge operator, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of industrial processes and operations. My academic background, coupled with practical experience, equips me with a holistic perspective on managing procurement, supply chain, and process.

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Most Recent Job

Weighbridge Operator

Base Titanium Limited


Job Description/Purpose

Operate weighing plants and issue measurement tickets which provide readings of vehicle and product weight.

Job Responsibilities

  • Weighing Operations: Operate the weighing equipment, using Precia Molen software to accurately weigh trucks and their contents ensuring that weighing processes are conducted in a precise and consistent manner.
  • Truck Management: Manage the queue of trucks waiting to be weighed, ensuring an orderly and efficient process and verify truck identification, load information, and ensure proper documentation.
  • Bulk Loading Oversight: Supervise and coordinate bulk loading operations, ensuring proper weight distribution and adherence to loading guidelines.
  • Container Loading Coordination: Collaborate with port authorities to coordinate container loading activities, ensuring that containers are filled according to safety and weight regulations and Confirm that containers are properly secured and sealed.
  • Sample Submission: Facilitate the collection and submission of samples as required for quality control and testing.
  • Reporting and Documentation: Generate accurate and timely reports related to weighbridge operations, including weights, truck details, sample submissions, and loading activities.
  • Quality Control: Monitor the quality of incoming and outgoing materials or products, ensuring compliance with weight and safety standards.
  • Safety Compliance: Enforce safety protocols and guidelines during the weighing and loading process.

Key Achievement

Implementing an efficiency-enhancing system that significantly reduced waiting times for trucks at the weighbridge. By analyzing the traffic flow and identifying bottlenecks in the weighing process, I developed and implemented a streamlined system that allowed trucks to be weighed more quickly and accurately.

Additional Job Experience

Process Operator

Base Titanium Ltd


Job Description/Purpose

Conduct visual inspections on the process and equipment and address any issues during the inspections. Also permit to work authorization ensuring all work activities are under proper permit.

Job Responsibilities

  • Operating Equipment: Monitor and operate various types of machinery and equipment involved in the production process. This may include pumps, valves, compressors, reactors, and other specialized machinery.
  • Process Control: Maintain optimal process conditions by adjusting variables such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, and chemical composition. Utilize control systems and instrumentation to ensure that processes operate within specified parameters.
  • Troubleshooting: Identify and troubleshoot issues that arise during the production process, such as equipment malfunctions, leaks, or deviations from operating standards. Take corrective action to resolve problems and minimize downtime.
  • Safety Compliance: Adhere to all safety protocols and regulations to ensure a safe working environment for yourself and your colleagues. Conduct safety inspections, follow proper procedures for handling hazardous materials, and participate in safety training programs.
  • Quality Control: Monitor product quality throughout the production process, performing regular checks and tests to ensure that products meet quality standards and specifications. Make adjustments as needed to maintain product quality.
  • Documentation: Keep accurate records of process parameters, equipment maintenance, production output, and any incidents or deviations from normal operations. Complete required paperwork and documentation according to company policies and regulatory requirements.
  • Communication: Maintain clear and effective communication with team members, supervisors, and other departments. Report any issues or concerns promptly and accurately, and collaborate with colleagues to resolve problems and improve processes.
  • Maintenance: Perform routine maintenance tasks on equipment to ensure optimal performance and prevent breakdowns. This may include cleaning, lubricating, and replacing parts as needed, as well as scheduling and coordinating larger maintenance activities with maintenance personnel.
  • Continuous Improvement: Identify opportunities for process optimization and efficiency improvements. Participate in process improvement initiatives, suggest ideas for cost reduction or waste minimization, and contribute to the implementation of best practices.
  • Emergency Response: Be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies such as equipment failures, chemical spills, or other safety incidents. Follow emergency procedures, evacuate personnel if necessary, and assist emergency responders as needed.

Key Achievement

Played a pivotal role in the commissioning of a PCP (Polymerization Control Plant) and MSP (Multi-Stage Pump) plant, contributing significantly to its successful launch and operation.


Highest Level

Bachelor's of Business Management Procurement and supplies management.

Mount Kenya University

Activities and Societies

Additional Education

Diploma in Chemical Engineering.

Technical University of Mombasa

Activities and Societies


Professional Qualification Training One


External (Obtained at another institution)

Professional Qualification Training Two


  • Playing football
  • Reading novels
  • Swimming


  • English
  • Swahili

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