Peter Mwania Ivuku

Port And Haulage Superintendent

Experienced Port and Haulage Superintendent with over 30 years of comprehensive expertise in port operations, shipping logistics, product haulage, stock management, construction, engineering, production management, and art (design & paint works) industries. Proven track record in optimizing operational efficiency, managing multimillion-dollar budgets, and ensuring adherence to safety regulations. Skilled in leading diverse teams, implementing strategic initiatives, and fostering collaborative relationships with stakeholders to drive organizational success. Adept at problem-solving, decision-making, and leveraging technology to streamline processes and enhance productivity. Also demonstrates ability to adapt to dynamic environments and deliver results in fast-paced, high-pressure situations. Passionate about driving innovation and continuous

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Most Recent Job

Port and Haulage Superintendent

Base Titanium Ltd


Job Description/Purpose

Provide supervision and coordination of shipping plans, vessel vetting, marketing and safely co-ordinate marine pilotage, vessel and tug movements, stevedoring and cargo loading.

Job Responsibilities

  • Supervising port operations, which include vessel loading and managing stocks at the storage.
  • Coordinating the entire haulage of products from the mine site to the port facility and KPA.
  • Leading truck driver’s toolbox talk, training, and implementing safe haulage procedures, including a safety checklist for the team contracted to haul base products.
  • Inspect the dedicated fleet to haul BTL products from the mine site to the KPA and port storage shed.
  • Lead the BTL port operations team by ensuring safe operating procedures and checklists are in place and the team understands them.
  • Initiate safety drills—life rescue and firefighting
  • Trainer. Trained team to operate ship loader, safety & work permits, carrying out ERO equipment safety checks, defensive driving lessons for truck drivers & refresher training for FEL machines
  • Community engagement thus creating a positive rapport
  • Manage haulage operations
  • Guide the transporter to adhere with the base way and the company standards and policy

Key Achievement

  • Lead the BTL port operations team by ensuring safe operating procedures and checklists are in place and the team understands them.
  • Given the role of a trainer for various fields, I have so far certified two people in the field of operating Ship Loader
  • Guided the transporter to catch up with the base way and the company standards and policy

Additional Job Experience

Heavy Machine Operator

Zaisco Construction & Engineering Ltd


Job Description/Purpose

Utilize a variety of large machinery for clearing, loading, unloading, and moving materials or goods. Additionally, remove rock, ore, and other materials from the job site using power shovels.

Job Responsibilities

  • Worked on the maintenance of the oil pipeline using excavator to create unobstructed workspace to facilitate the pipe repairs.
  • Worked on the expansion of Berth 18/19 at KPA’s main duty includes operating plant machines during back filling.
  • Perform routine safety checks and escalate reports for maintenance works if required.
  • Ensure the machines were running smoothly by doing housekeeping activities such as cleaning.

Key Achievement

Recommended as the best operator with attached testimony by Van Oord the then Sand fill Master, Johan Den Braber.


Highest Level

Plant Operator/Driver/Motorcycle Rider

Ministry of Roads Mechanical & Transport Department

Activities and Societies

Additional Education

Painting, Graphic Design, Sculpture & Art Appreciation

Computer Training & Art Center

Activities and Societies


Professional Qualification Training One

Heavy Mobile Equipment Training

External (Obtained at another institution)

Professional Qualification Training Two

Fire Safety

Internal (Obtained at Base Titanium)


  • Swimming
  • Martial Arts
  • Travelling


  • Swahili
  • English
  • Kamba

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