Riziki Mlongo

Administration Officer

A dynamic Administration Officer with a unique background as an Environment/Agronomist Trainee, with three years of valuable experience. Demonstrated ability to efficiently manage administrative tasks while leveraging a strong foundation in agronomy principles to bring innovative perspectives to the mining sector. Proficient in streamlining operations, fostering team collaboration, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Equipped with a diverse skill set encompassing administrative management, communication, data analysis, regulatory compliance, problem-solving, team collaboration, adaptability, technology proficiency, leadership, and industry knowledge.

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Most Recent Job

Administrative Officer

Base Titanium Limited


Job Description/Purpose

To provide administrative support, resource management and database maintenance in an efficient and effective manner.

Job Responsibilities

  • Assisted in team management over 20 people and coordination of daily task.
  • Executed data capture and input to improve document organization and management.
  • Contributed to successful projects by providing essential administrative support and resource management.
  • Supervised employees on company policies and procedures.
    Created and maintained databases to track and record employees data (Leave balances and attendance).
  • Improved communication within team through regular updates on policies, procedures, and key events.
  • Problem-solved workflow issues to maintain rapport within team.
    Prepared reports to assist in Post Mining Land Use decisions. making and strategic operational planning.
  • Assisted with day-to-day operations, working efficiently and productively with all team members.

Key Achievement

Improved communication flow and managed a seamless external meetings.

Additional Job Experience

Agronomist Trainee

Base Titanium Ltd


Job Description/Purpose

Examine, research, and solve problems related to crop management, output, and quality

Job Responsibilities

  • Fieldwork activities such as crop scouting, and data collection.
  • Support agronomists in conducting research trials and experiments.
  • Collaborate with team members to implement crop management strategies.
  • Maintain accurate records and documentation of field activities
  • Conducted comprehensive research on pest control methods to reduce crop losses due to infestations.
  • Monitored field trials, collected data, and analyzed results to assess effectiveness of various agronomic interventions.
  • Prepared detailed reports on agronomic findings, contributing valuable data for use in decision making processes.
  • Researched and analyzed pesticide efficacy and made adjustments to application management.
  • Conducted field visits regularly to monitor crop progress, identify issues early on, and provide expert guidance for optimal growth conditions.
  • Developed strong communication and organizational skills through working on group projects.
  • Gained strong leadership skills by managing projects from start to finish.
  • Acted as team leader in group projects, delegating tasks and providing feedback.
  • Maintained overall safe work environment with employee training programs and enforcement of safety procedures.
  • Participate in training sessions to develop knowledge of agricultural technologies and practices
  • Maintain accurate records and documentation of field activities

Key Achievement

Successful crop trials as part of Post Mining Land Use plan, contributing to improved yields and major decisions that were to be made.


Highest Level

Bachelors in Environmental Science

Machakos University

Activities and Societies

Environmental Club

Additional Education

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E.)

Cardinal Otunga Girls

Activities and Societies


Professional Qualification Training One

First Aid Training

Internal (Obtained at Base Titanium)

Professional Qualification Training Two

Basic Occupational Health Training

Internal (Obtained at Base Titanium)


  • Reading
  • Travelling
  • Hiking
  • Multilingual


  • English
  • Kiswahili
  • Spanish

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