Salim Rajab Ali

Shipping Officer

A creative and dedicated Shipping and Logistics professional working diligently to ensure organizational goals are achieved, facing challenges with positive mindset, and solving within industrial best practices of transparency, skilled approach and complying with regulations governing contractual responsibilities.

With a 10 years experience record, I aspire to thrive in a competitive environment where my current qualifications, abilities and experiences would be an asset to the organization. The job should offer an opportunity for personal growth, acquisition of more knowledge and skills that would eventually advance to a position of leadership where I would inspire others.

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Most Recent Job

Shipping Officer

Base Titanium Ltd


Job Description/Purpose

Coordinating exports of mineral sands for both containerized and bulk Shipments, liaising with various stakeholders’ such as Kenya Ports Authority, Ministry of Mining and Geology, Customs, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce, Clearing and Forwarding Agent, Shipping lines, Banks, Depots, and Transporters to ensure a seamless plan is in place before execution of shipment within customer’s schedule

Job Responsibilities

  • Review draft letters of credit from different Customers to ensure there are no discrepancies
    before issuing of originals LC through advising bank.
  • Liaise closely with Export & Shipping Superintendent and track all upcoming shipments via shipping schedule.
  • Obtain Export Permits from Ministry of Mining through KenTrade system.
  • Securing booking space on expected vessel and deliver container within vessel acceptance window period.
  • Interpreting production plan and make suitable changes on the shipments.
  • Executing delivery plan for container shipment within schedule.
  • Coordinate with Load out supervisor and transporters on container loading.
  • Liaise with Clearing Agent to ensure Custom entries are acquired.
  • Process payment via SAP Biller and Kargo pay system.
  • Liaise with Laboratory to ensure samples are in place.
  • Maintaining record of stockpile capacity and reconcile with production to ensure enough stock is available before arrival of the bulk vessels
  • Notify Ministry of mining, Kenya Port Authority on the expected bulk vessels at Base Titanium loading facility.
  • Processing payment with Kenya port Authority before berthing of the bulk vessels Following up with Inchcape shipping services to ensure bulk vessel are safely berthed.
  • Notify production and finance once loading is completed.
  • Preparation of shipping documents i.e., commercial invoice, packing list.
  • Liaise with shipping Lines to ensure accurate Bills of Lading are issued.
  • Liaise with laboratory to ensure required Certificate of analysis are in place.
  • Liaise with finance department to ensure invoices are timely processed for payment.
  • Dispatching shipping documents to advising bank if shipment involve letter of credit.
  • Preparing shipping and haulage monthly reports.
  • Updating Shipping data base after completion of shipment for future reference.
  • Maintain and communicate timely customer schedule to monitor shipment progress.
  • Calculating lay time.

Key Achievement

  • Established strong networks with depots and shipping lines, enabling us to secure empty containers for our shipments and facilitate pre-clearance processes.
  • Improved truck turnaround times for crossing the ferry channel, which is dependent on high tide and specific ferry schedules.
  • Streamlined the loading of containers approximately 50 kilometers away in Kwale County and ensured timely delivery of containers back to the port within the vessel’s acceptance window.

Additional Job Experience

Shipping Clerk

Nairobi Cargo Services Ltd


Job Description/Purpose

Coordinating clearance of imports and Exports at Kenya port Authority and nominated container freight stations, liaising with Shipping line, Customs, port health and other government agencies.

Job Responsibilities

  • Advising Customers on estimated charges prior importation/Exportation.
  • Advising Customers on relevant harmonized code related to the good’s.
  • Advising Customers on related government agencies involve during clearance.
  • Compiling received Bills of Lading, Certificate of Conformity, Safety data sheet, Commercial invoice, packing list for onward clearance.
  • Tracking BL through shipping line and Customs to check if the vessel is on manifest Process Custom Entry through Simba system 2005.
  • Following up with Custom officer, Port Health, Kenya Bureau of Standard for cargo verification at port of Mombasa or nominated Container Freight station.
  • Organize for transport once all relevant port charges are paid and cargo is released.

Key Achievement

Saved significant costs by timely facilitating clearance of imports and Exports at port of Mombasa.


Highest Level

Customs, Clearing,& Fowarding

Mombasa Aviation Training Institute

Activities and Societies

Swimming team & Martial arts club

Additional Education

Activities and Societies


Professional Qualification Training One

Fire Safety

Internal (Obtained at Base Titanium)

Professional Qualification Training Two

Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Multimodal Transport.

External (Obtained at another institution)


  • Swimming
  • Martial Arts
  • Travelling


  • English
  • Swahili

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