Suleiman Mtanga Karani

Rehabilitation Attendant

Experienced agronomist with 5+ years in agribusiness trial establishment, monitoring, and data collection. Proficient in occupational health and safety practices and skilled in farm machinery operation. Demonstrates expertise in work planning and review to optimize agricultural operations. Committed to implementing innovative techniques for sustainable and high-yield crop production, while ensuring a safe working environment.

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Most Recent Job

Rehabilitation Attendant

Base Titanium Ltd


Job Description/Purpose

Agronomy, monitoring and data collection, farm machine operation, store keeping and general agribusiness technician.

Job Responsibilities

  • Monitoring and Data Collection
  • Farm machine operation
  • Crop establishment and protection.
  • Store keeping.
  • Irrigation system operation
  • Crop nutrition and fertigation.
  • Crop weeding, pruning, harvesting and post-harvest activities.
  • Work review and planning.

Key Achievement

Successfully engaged in monitoring and data collection of Base Titanium Post Mining Land Use (PMLU) Agribusiness Trial project.

Additional Job Experience

Computer Teacher

Ukunda Commercial College

Ukunda, Kwale

Job Description/Purpose

To facilitate computer trainings

Job Responsibilities

  • Teach computer skills and concepts to students, including programming languages, software applications, computer hardware, and internet safety.
  • Provide technical assistance to students and staff in using computers, software, and other technology tools effectively.
  • Evaluate and grade students’ assignments, projects, and exams to assess their understanding and progress.
  • Maintain discipline and a conducive learning environment in the computer lab or classroom.
  • Oversee students’ activities in the computer lab, ensuring proper use of equipment and adherence to safety protocols.

Key Achievement

Successfully trained numerous students in basic computer packages, networking, maintenance and life skills


Highest Level

Certificate in Computer Maintenance and Networking

The Technical University of Mombasa

Activities and Societies

Computer Networking

Additional Education

Basic Computer Packages, Maintenance and Networking.

Ukunda Commercial College

Activities and Societies


Professional Qualification Training One

Agronomy, Store keeping, Monitoring and Data Collection

Internal (Obtained at Base Titanium)

Professional Qualification Training Two

Occupational Health and Safety

Internal (Obtained at Base Titanium)


  • Networking
  • Swimming
  • Watching football and movies


  • English
  • Swahili
  • Digo

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